Hi, I'm Craig - Aspiring to Shape the Future with Code.

It's great to have you here. My passion for technology started with the good old Xbox 360 and has grown ever since. Today, I find myself deeply engaged in the world of software development, with a particular fondness for JavaScript (React), Python, and Java.

This website is a showcase of my journey and skills in tech. It's a place where I blend my love for coding with the practical needs of the digital world. From gaming favourites like God of War and Minecraft to the intricacies of web development, technology has been a constant source of inspiration for me.

Feel free to explore my portfolio and get in touch if you have any feedback or questions about my work. Your insights are invaluable in helping me improve.

Currently, my interest is mostly within the web development side of things. I am currently learning the Next.js Framework and really enjoying it. Some of the things I really enjoy about Next.js include how easy it is to create a Full-Stack Web Application using the Framework because it allows for easy integration of APIs.

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This portfolio website was developed using React, Next.js 13, Tailwind and MongoDB!

Even though my interest is mostly within web development, I also really enjoy software development. I am currently knowledgeable of C# (ASP.NET) and Python which I have used to build a variety of applications as can be seen from the projects that I have developed. I am currently working on upgrading my C# and Python skills because of the new versions that have been released for both of these languages (C# 12 and Python 3.11).

I have also recently been gaining knowledge of mobile application development. This includes learning about mobile development frameworks such as Kotlin (Java), Flutter (Dart), React Native (React) and more. My interest in mobile development comes from when I first learned about how powerful the use of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can be for web applications. Then, after that, I started researching about Flutter because of a friend introducing me to the framework. Flutter is a framework developed on top of the Dart programming language and uses Material Design which is owned by Google.

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The source code for this website is available on my GitHub aswell as many of my other projects!

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I enjoy documenting what I am currently developing and also enjoy sharing my travel adventures!

I have been enjoying learning more about desktop applications and how they are developed. This includes learning about some of the desktop application development frameworks such as Electron.js, C# (Windows Applications), and more. The curiosity of desktop development and understanding the process and frameworks available for desktop development comes from using applications such as Slack, Spotify, etc. and understanding how these work and how these applications were developed.

As well as all of the development things, I have also been enjoying learning the processes available for Continuous Integration of new features and Continuous Delivery/Deployment of these features is achieved on such a large scale. This process is known as CI/CD and is mostly used along side DevOps practices. I have been quite enjoying learning all about the tools available for making the DevOps practices possible for organizations to continually develop and update their applications. Some of the tools I have some knowledge of include Kubernetes (including Kubectl), Ansible, AWS, Azure and Jenkins. I am hoping to learn more about these tools and some of the other tools such as Terraform.